Bet on it!!

You are the thinker of your own thoughts.



Shame you’ve come and now you’re going to go!

I won’t be run by you or your sibling fear!!

From now on I’m punching you in the face and I will deal with you both when you come around!!


It’s amazing how upset I get when people are lazy.

I’m not perfect and many tea I’m lazy and I know this.

What I’m trying to say is why is it that people forget what they need to do??

For instance at work, it someone’s job to sweep the mail and when it’s my job I do it but when it someone else’s day to do it nothing is said?

Ignorance can’t be the excuse because they know it’s supposed to be done and it’s not!!

Just venting but I dislike it and don’t know what to do…..

So true!!!

“Ignorance is not knowing.
Stupidity is knowing and not doing anything with it.
Few are ignorant.
Many are stupid.”
Larry Winget