An awesome trip!

This past week I was faces with a dilemma.
My son and daughter were going to Chicago on a school trip with there strings class.
There bags were searched and in my sons luggage he had a large amount of items that weren’t allowed on this trip. (not drugs or anything illegal)
The principle of his school wouldn’t let him go because of it.
So what I chose to do was take him to Chicago myself so he could see his friends perform.
So we drove up on Friday afternoon got a hotel and ate dinner. He then took the train into town to meet up with some friends.
I relaxed in the room watching March Madness.
The next day we set out to them play at the field museum.
We walked over two miles to see them play. When we got there it was great to hear them! They play very well!
We then left and went shopping. We then took a taxi back to the Union Station to take the train ride back to Westmont.
We then left and drove home.
Over all it was a great trip! My son and I talked and planned what he was doing after graduation and listened to some informative podcasts.
I want to do this again and possibly take him to a conference.



Read a blog today about someone that was grateful for living in a slum.

WHAT? How could this be?

She explained that even though it wasn’t the best life it was her life and that it caused her to hustle in life!

Early in life my life was easy but after my parents divorce it got worse but I wouldn’t change it.

From then my life was average. I was doing what everyone else was doing.

A few years back I read a book that changed my life. I now want to be weird! By weird I want to do things that others aren’t doing, like getting out if debt so I can do what I want to! My dad did I it and he’s living the life he wants to. That’s how I want to live!

Is it good to be an untouchable?

This is a term some of use at work. We use it because some are treated as if they are even if they don’t know it.

This type of person can disappear for minutes on end and no questions asked. While the ones that aren’t are questioned as to where they were?

I don’t want to be an untouchable. I want to be counted on but not stomped on. Take action against those that do wrong not those that are there to do what’s asked of them!