I just shook my head…..

As I was coming to work I saw a coworker with this license plate: H8 MY JOB.

Now this person works at a job where he gets paid over $25.00 an hour for seven hours of work.

His job is to load and unload an elevator with a forklift.
The car he was driving is a 2013, 300 ZX.

If he worked all of the overtime available to him he’d make well over 100K per year and yet he still hates his job.

Our job is basically protected by our union. To me this is good and bad.

I’ve worked with this worker before and he gets by. Not to fast not to slow.

If I took a survey at work I would bet over 75% of the people would say they don’t want to be there. While over 75% of them would say they were stuck there because of the benefits and great pay.

I do like my job; however I want a change and I am working on doing that.

The sad thing is right now I make more then a coal miner makes!

A coal miner that works miles underground in much more dangerous conditions then me and yet all I hear and see is that I H8 MY JOB…..

Question??? Do you hate your job??

If so what are you doing to change this??


“You know, if you keep doing this they’ll expect that from you everyday.”

I was hired at the my current job six plus years ago.

I had just retired from the Navy and was wanting to prove myself.

I was wanting a job where I could make a difference.

So as I’ve done with most of the jobs I’ve worked at it this was something I was wanting to do. Work where I do now.

As an older worker I was raring to go! I was ready to work and prove myself.

What I found was disheartening.

I was working at a large facility and took it upon myself to show my effort.

What I was told was, “You know, if you keep working this hard they’re going to expect that from you everyday.”

What? Really?!? Me working hard was going to hurt me and my chances of working here?

So I asked, “What do you mean by that?”

That said, “all we are saying is there is plenty to save for tomorrow. If we show them we can do more then they’ll expect that from us and expect us to do that and more.”

That thinking blew my mind! Were they serious?

I questioned myself. Was I working to hard? I only have one speed and that is do what I’m expected to do to the best of my ability.

I was truly baffled by this type of thinking.

The problem was I just could not do what they said. My work ethic wouldn’t let me do what they wanted me to do.

Since then I’ve heard this many, many, many more times and it still makes me shake my head.

The way I work is I’m always thinking what if my family was watching me secretly.

Would they want to see me sleeping at work?

Would they want to see me working slower then everyone else?

Would they want to hear me complain about everything pertaining to my job?

Would they want to see me walk around and not be where I was supposed to be working?

Would they want to see me not give my best effort?

I work the way I do for my family!

I work the way I do because I care!

I work the way I do for everyone that I serve!

I work the way I do for you!

Successfully Miserable

I posted this on Face Book last week and was wanting a reaction that did not come.

I guess I was wanting some attention.

I was wanting someone to ask me what I meant by that. A response didn’t come until my wife asked me.
What I assumed was obvious to me hurt her. Something I never intended at all!

I’d heard this mentioned on a recently new podcast I was listening to at work and it was like someone had hit me in the head!

That’s exactly how I feel about my job. I have a job but it’s not what I was meant to do. I make great money and benefits but it isn’t what I’m on this earth to do.

My wife took it as me me being miserable at home which isn’t the case whatsoever. I hurt her deeply and she and I talked about it and she explained how that statement affected her.

She wanted to know what I wanted to do and would/could it be profitable. What would make me happy.

I told her that I wanted to be a blogger, writer, podcaster and speaker.

We discussed this plan and I told her it wouldn’t happen until we were debt free.

I know I can do most of this right now which is why I took my name off the off day overtime list at my work so I would at least get one day off a week to blog and write.

I would love to start podcasting at least on my own to get the feel for it. What I would speak on is still up in the air.

I love helping people and making people laugh. However transferring that into my writing is difficult for me right now so I was thinking of a video podcast so people could see my facial expressions and my sarcasm.

I have started a book but editing it is proving to be difficult since our computer is broken and all I have is my iPhone and ITouch.

I do like my job but in most cases it’s the people that drive me crazy!! Almost everyone tells me when I say hello is, “I want to go home already.” or “Is it time to go home yet?” And this is in the first five minutes of work! Are you kidding me! You dislike this job so much that you say that! Quit! Do something different! But until then work and be grateful that you are employed!!

I’m truly grateful that I have my job and love that I’m providing a vital service to the ones that I serve.

But as I said before I’m successfully miserable because it’s not what I was meant to do; however I will work as hard as humanly possible to provide the service I was sworn in to perform and give 110% every time I’m at work!!

Please pray for my friend!!!!

A friend is a commodity these days.

You can pick your nose but you can’t pick your friends.

Friends are a dime a dozen.

In this crazy world we all need a friend. Not just someone we say hello to at work but someone who will listen to you and tell the truth wether you want it or not.

Someone who will always have your back when you do t even know it.

My heart is crying right now for a friend that is going through a rough time. Yet they are still smiling!

I know this person is hurting but through it all I’m praying in a successful outcome!!

Please a some time and pray for my friend! Pray that God will heal them and even make this surgery unnecessary! Lord give comfort to this person and let them know many are out there praying for them. And all the people said…. Amen!!!

Life at night.

It’s an amazing life working at night. I’ve been at the post office for over six years and I’m still not used to it. Adjusting to it has never come easy. Today I left when it was light and I got up when it was light and where i work it’s always lit up inside.
It almost like I’ve lived in Alaska for the last six years. While I was in the Navy I made a trip to Kodiak Alaska during the time when it was daylight and that was quite an adjustment.
I’m thinking if changing my blog to this title.
What do you think?