I just shook my head…..

As I was coming to work I saw a coworker with this license plate: H8 MY JOB.

Now this person works at a job where he gets paid over $25.00 an hour for seven hours of work.

His job is to load and unload an elevator with a forklift.
The car he was driving is a 2013, 300 ZX.

If he worked all of the overtime available to him he’d make well over 100K per year and yet he still hates his job.

Our job is basically protected by our union. To me this is good and bad.

I’ve worked with this worker before and he gets by. Not to fast not to slow.

If I took a survey at work I would bet over 75% of the people would say they don’t want to be there. While over 75% of them would say they were stuck there because of the benefits and great pay.

I do like my job; however I want a change and I am working on doing that.

The sad thing is right now I make more then a coal miner makes!

A coal miner that works miles underground in much more dangerous conditions then me and yet all I hear and see is that I H8 MY JOB…..

Question??? Do you hate your job??

If so what are you doing to change this??


4 thoughts on “I just shook my head…..

  1. I guess that’s part of the Catch 22, isn’t it? So often we get comfortable with the income/benefits of our J-O-B, but we are miserable more often than not. It’s sad that someone dislikes his current situation so much that he got a license plate to scream it to the world.

    I guess you don’t think about it once you’ve made the choice, but choosing to change where you are, choosing to change paths or circumstances to chase something you *really* want takes a lot of courage. It demands more than some folks are able to give.

  2. No, I don’t hate my job. I love my job. I do QC for a tobacco company. The company is great to work for. But there are a lot of people here who do hate their jobs. I don’t think it’s so much that they hate the job, it’s that they don’t like who they are. If you love who you are, you can bloom anywhere.

  3. My husband listens to many of those. I still haven’t become a podcast listener. I should try a few more out.

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