My Parents and Siblings

I have one older sister, younger brother and younger sister.

My earliest memory is Suzanne, she’s my older sister, she’s a very loving and thoughtful sister.  She would always try to make me happy and be with us as much as she could. She was older than us so she was always into older sister stuff so she really didn’t play with us a lot but when she did we had a lot of fun. She mainly took care of us and made sure that we were taken care of.

Her and my father would argue but as I’ve become a father I now know why this happened.  Something else that attributed to that was and I found out about this later on in life that I finally understood why it happened was because she was not my real sister.

The crazy thing about finding this out was that she wasn’t my sister but actually my half-sister sister was when I was probably in my teenage years in high school. I never figured it out I was actually told by my younger sister.

My older sister and I always did things together and when I got older we would hang out.

One of the best days I remember was on one of my birthdays she took me to a Chaka Khan concert and I really enjoy it because it was a big surprise.

I owe my life to my big sister. She is the reason that we went to Evangel Temple Christian Academy and that’s where I went to high school. It’s because of her that I was saved and found Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

My older sister took me to church all the time and we went to a nondenominational church downtown near the university.  One Sunday while going to church we got into a bad auto accident because she ran a red light. She was worried about me but I was more worried about her they kept me overnight in the hospital. I wasn’t injured and she was hurt pretty bad in the leg area.

Another time we were on our way to church and she told me a big surprise! That I was going to be an uncle! Months later my nephew Nathan was born. He was a joy to watch while my sister worked. I would babysit him and he was an awesome little boy and from my high school years I used to take care of him almost for three years straight.

Suzanne was married twice that I know of.  Her first husband was named was Matthew and he was in a rock band and her second husband was named Van. I really liked Matthew he was down to earth and had a lot of brothers. I could always talk easily to Matthew we talked about a lot of things her second husband Van was probably the smartest person I’ve ever met in my life he work for a power company but he was wise beyond his years.



Story of my life… #1

My life started in Albuquerque New Mexico.

I was born on February 20, 1965 at St. Joseph’s Hospital. I’m not sure what time I was born at. The only people that know that are my grandmother my mother and father.

I’ve wanted to write a story about my life ever since my father wrote about his I know he wrote his late in life and I didn’t want to do that since I wanted to remember as much as I could.

My life started at 9611 Woodland Ave. I lived there with my father, mother, two sisters and brother. One sister is the oldest I’m second my brother is third and my youngest sister is the forth. There names are Suzanne, Greg and Diane. I also have other sisters and brothers that will come later in the story.

We lived on the corner of Eubank and Woodland. Eubank was a main street that ran east and west through Albuquerque our streets were pretty boxy and the fact that the street names ran the entire length of the street unlike streets of today where street names change at the end of the block.

Back then I thought my house with enormous! My earliest memory is my dad pouring our backyard with concrete making it a huge backyard with my brothers and sisters to play. I was sitting in my highchair eating my favorite cereal, Quisp, and my mother was feeding me and I could see the cement truck in the field in the back of our house with its spout over the fence.

My other earliest memory is of our entire family in our new addition of our home that my father was building. We took a huge family picture.

Our home was originally a two bedroom one bath home with the living room and kitchen. My father built the addition off of the living room and kitchen. When it was complete we had another bedroom and bathroom along with a workroom.

Growing up we had two dogs Sonnie and Baroque and we had a cat named Josh that my dad did not like because it like to jump on him in the middle of the night.

Living in Albuquerque was wonderful!! We had four definite seasons always had the summertime which was nice and hot. The springtime was awesome and winter time with lots of snow. A fall season that was not that cold but brought a lot of rain and wind. We would play outside 80% time at our house.

Whenever it rained we were outside in the rain and when it snowed we were in the snow when it was sunny we were outside either riding bicycles or just running through the neighborhood.

My school was directly behind my house and the funny thing is I was late to school every single day! It always took me awhile to get ready for school that’s why was constantly late.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my story. If you liked it share it with your friends.

20,000 Days

I read a book recently called “20,000 Days and Counting” by Robert D. Smith.

It’s a short book that packs a punch! The author writes about how on his 50th birthday he goes off on his own and reflects on his life. He then writes personal e-mails to all of his friends and lets them know what an impact that they’ve had on his life.

Many respond by e-mail, others call worrying about him! He assures them he’s fine and that he just wanted them to know what they have meant to him over all of these years.

When I read the book I couldn’t put it down. It is an amazing book by an author who doesn’t call himself an author. You see this is his first book he’s ever written.

Robert D. is the most enthusiastic person you will ever hear speak or meet! Nothing out of his mouth is negative. He is one person I would love to met someday!!

The reason Im writing this is because of a friend I met at work one day. This friend of mine, David, had the same attitude as Robert D.! I never saw a day where he was down and out or upset. He even got let go and came back to a different job for this same company.

After reading this book I gave it to another friend. He read it and from what he told me he liked it. But I could tell it really wasn’t for him.

I then gave it to David and that’s when he was let go. At first I felt bad he was let go but I was happy that I gave him this book to read to show him that life would go on and not to be discouraged.

So to see him come back was GREAT!! Still happy, and grateful to have a job. I asked him if he liked the book and he said he loved it and I could tell that he had gotten something out of it. He asked if I wanted it back and I told him to keep it as long as he needed it.

David said that he wanted his brother to read it. I said absolutely hold it as long as you want.

Well a couple of weeks passed and I saw him again with the huge smile he always had on his face! I loved talking to him because he always raised my spirits!! I asked him if his family liked the book and he said they were loving it!

A week later another friend gave me my book back, he said that David was looking for me to return it and so he gave it to him to find me.

I got sick that next couple of days and was out for two weeks.

I came back to work and went to clock in. I saw a sign posted by our time clock and when signs were posted like that it usually meant that someone has passed away. I usually don’t pay attention to these because I usually don’t know that person.

This time was different. I immediately felt ill. I was shocked! I was mad, and so so sad.

It was David that had passed away… I asked if anyone knew how, why or what had happened? He was as old as I was. What had happened?

We were friends but I never really knew about him other then the fact he was married. I never knew his health situation or anything really personnel about him.

He had diabetes and had gone into a diabetic coma and passed away.

By the time I saw the posting everything was done! The viewing, funeral, everything…

My friend was gone and I was sad… gone was his contagious smile. Gone was his laugh.

I then remembered about the book I gave him. I was glad that he read it just months before.

It also made me think about my life and the friends I meet everyday and the friends I have now.

Life is so short. Make sure you are living a life that people will look back on and say WOW!!

At this posting I’m 17,978 days old.

How many days old are you?


In 2008 I started working at the USPS. It’s a very repetitive job in the fact you do the same thing all the time unless you’re traveled somewhere else.

With that there is quite a bit of dead time and I was looking to find something else to do with that time. So I started listening to music and that got boring very quickly.

After a year of working I was introduced to Dave Ramsey and I started listening to his podcast. A few shows in he interviewed Andy Andrews. He’s the author of “The Travelers Gift”. It is by FAR the best book I have ever read! If you want a quick life lesson read this book!

In this book there are seven decisions one of which is to , “seek wisdom”. so with that I started searching for other podcasts other then Dave Ramsey.

To date I now listen to over 20 podcasts every week!

That’s the amazing thing about a podcast is that you can choose what you want to listen to! 

Anything and everything is associated with a podcast.

Here’s the list of podcasts I listen to:
Dave Ramsey
In the Loop with Andy Andrews
Rory Vaden
48 Days with Dan Miller
EntreLeadership podcast
Stupendous Marriage Show
Get it Done Guy
This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt
The Sales Moment with Pierce Marrs
Shark Tank Fan Podcast with Pierce Marrs
Beyond the To-Do-List with Erik Fisher
Starve the Doubts with Jared Easley
Live you List with Ryan Eller and Jarrod Murr
Remodeling Clay with Clay Shaver
Your Life Detective with Johnny Lee Phillips
Defy the Plateau with Ben Demsey
Mental Mastery Moment with P. Desmond Adams
Well Kept Wallet with Deacon Hayes
Podcast Answer Man with Cliff J. Ravenscraft
The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins
Crazy Dad Life with Jeff Stephens
Have a New Kid by Friday with Dr. Kevin Leman

I do listen to others but not on a regular basis.

One of my goals is to start my own podcast. Why, because I believe I have something to offer someone. What the topic will be on is still undecided. It could be life lessons to humor I’m not sure maybe a mixture of both…

I love podcasts because I’ve learned so much from them. The number of shows is endless!

There is a podcast for you so expand you knowledge and start seeking wisdom every day!!