In 2008 I started working at the USPS. It’s a very repetitive job in the fact you do the same thing all the time unless you’re traveled somewhere else.

With that there is quite a bit of dead time and I was looking to find something else to do with that time. So I started listening to music and that got boring very quickly.

After a year of working I was introduced to Dave Ramsey and I started listening to his podcast. A few shows in he interviewed Andy Andrews. He’s the author of “The Travelers Gift”. It is by FAR the best book I have ever read! If you want a quick life lesson read this book!

In this book there are seven decisions one of which is to , “seek wisdom”. so with that I started searching for other podcasts other then Dave Ramsey.

To date I now listen to over 20 podcasts every week!

That’s the amazing thing about a podcast is that you can choose what you want to listen to! 

Anything and everything is associated with a podcast.

Here’s the list of podcasts I listen to:
Dave Ramsey
In the Loop with Andy Andrews
Rory Vaden
48 Days with Dan Miller
EntreLeadership podcast
Stupendous Marriage Show
Get it Done Guy
This is Your Life with Michael Hyatt
The Sales Moment with Pierce Marrs
Shark Tank Fan Podcast with Pierce Marrs
Beyond the To-Do-List with Erik Fisher
Starve the Doubts with Jared Easley
Live you List with Ryan Eller and Jarrod Murr
Remodeling Clay with Clay Shaver
Your Life Detective with Johnny Lee Phillips
Defy the Plateau with Ben Demsey
Mental Mastery Moment with P. Desmond Adams
Well Kept Wallet with Deacon Hayes
Podcast Answer Man with Cliff J. Ravenscraft
The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins
Crazy Dad Life with Jeff Stephens
Have a New Kid by Friday with Dr. Kevin Leman

I do listen to others but not on a regular basis.

One of my goals is to start my own podcast. Why, because I believe I have something to offer someone. What the topic will be on is still undecided. It could be life lessons to humor I’m not sure maybe a mixture of both…

I love podcasts because I’ve learned so much from them. The number of shows is endless!

There is a podcast for you so expand you knowledge and start seeking wisdom every day!!


10 thoughts on “Podcasts

  1. Thanks for sharing this list with us! I’m always looking for good ideas, and I appreciate having all these great resources in one place. Keep after that dream of yours!

  2. That is an awesome list of podcasts Steven! Keep at it brother!! You’ll get to where you want to be!! Just be intentional, keep feeding your mind and take action!! Let me know how I can help!

  3. Thanks so much for the mention! I’m honored to be on your playlist, especially with that list of power players. I hope you DO take that leap and start your own podcast. I’ll definitely check it out when you do.

    Is there anything you’d like me to cover on my show? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ultimately provide value for what you have going on right now.

  4. Thanks for the list! I had heard of Dan Miller and the 48 Days tribe that he’s got going, but I didn’t know that he had a podcast. I JUST subscribed to it! Thanks for sharing your list!

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