My Parents and Siblings

I have one older sister, younger brother and younger sister.

My earliest memory is Suzanne, she’s my older sister, she’s a very loving and thoughtful sister.  She would always try to make me happy and be with us as much as she could. She was older than us so she was always into older sister stuff so she really didn’t play with us a lot but when she did we had a lot of fun. She mainly took care of us and made sure that we were taken care of.

Her and my father would argue but as I’ve become a father I now know why this happened.  Something else that attributed to that was and I found out about this later on in life that I finally understood why it happened was because she was not my real sister.

The crazy thing about finding this out was that she wasn’t my sister but actually my half-sister sister was when I was probably in my teenage years in high school. I never figured it out I was actually told by my younger sister.

My older sister and I always did things together and when I got older we would hang out.

One of the best days I remember was on one of my birthdays she took me to a Chaka Khan concert and I really enjoy it because it was a big surprise.

I owe my life to my big sister. She is the reason that we went to Evangel Temple Christian Academy and that’s where I went to high school. It’s because of her that I was saved and found Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

My older sister took me to church all the time and we went to a nondenominational church downtown near the university.  One Sunday while going to church we got into a bad auto accident because she ran a red light. She was worried about me but I was more worried about her they kept me overnight in the hospital. I wasn’t injured and she was hurt pretty bad in the leg area.

Another time we were on our way to church and she told me a big surprise! That I was going to be an uncle! Months later my nephew Nathan was born. He was a joy to watch while my sister worked. I would babysit him and he was an awesome little boy and from my high school years I used to take care of him almost for three years straight.

Suzanne was married twice that I know of.  Her first husband was named was Matthew and he was in a rock band and her second husband was named Van. I really liked Matthew he was down to earth and had a lot of brothers. I could always talk easily to Matthew we talked about a lot of things her second husband Van was probably the smartest person I’ve ever met in my life he work for a power company but he was wise beyond his years.



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