#3 Siblings Suzanne (continued)

Suzanne had a rough life. It seemed like her and my father were always at odds with each other.  I’m sure he wanted the best for her.

As I got older he began to soften up to her. Some things that I remember about Suzanne was that she was always an excellent singer and musician. She played guitar and other instruments and one day she had a band come to the house and they set up their all their instruments and they start playing rock music in our living room and my father came home and had a fit.

She was also a great cook! She made some pretty interesting food sometimes. I remember one time she made this batter and fried everything we ate one time. I liked everything except the fried okra.

My sister was always an excellent teacher and that’s where she strived and excelled. She taught kindergarten and she taught at other schools who taught Bible studies.

When I was in eighth grade she met a man named Matthew. He was in a band named “Genre”. He played the keyboards and was a very talented musician. She ran a daycare out of her house when she was married to Matthew.  She was always looking to teach someone and always wanted to help children.

For whatever reason things didn’t work out with Matthew and she divorced him after a few years.

After a couple of years she married Van and still continued to teach at a Montessori school. She was married to Van for quite awhile and I would always be at her apartment taking care of Nathan. Van worked nights so I was there to keep him as quiet as possible. Around this time Cecily was born and I got to take care of her and Nathen. The were quite the pair. For the most part they were good to each other and played well.

Then the day came when Suzanne told me she was moving to Hawaii. She was divorcing Van. This to me was devastating. I loved Van and not being able to see and talk with him anymore crushed me. He was a mentor that I’d always wanted and now he was gone.

When she divorced him she had an opportunity in Hawaii to teach at a Montessori school. I thought that was an awesome idea and would be great for her! Little did I know that was a going to be a rough road. Hawaii is very expensive and living there can be tough. It hasn’t been easy for her but she has had some great moments while living there.

She had two more children Kianna and Kawika. I’ve never met them I’ve only spoke with them over Facebook.

As years passed and I joined the Navy.  In September of 1995 my mother died and Beth and I flew back to New Mexico.  With my mother’s funeral and we actually got to see Suzanne and she did not look good. She had a broken wrist and she appeared happy on the outside but I knew she was struggling on the inside.  She flown in with my sister Diane who at the time was living with her in Hawaii and she would take care of her and the children.

Years went by after that before I spoke to Suzanne again. A few years ago I connected with her online and I’ve talked to her couple times over the Internet and she seems happy now and she’s living with all of her kids which is good and they all look out for each other and take care of each other. Suzanne’s children’s names are Nathan who I took care of the first five years of his life, Cecily who just had a baby recently and her name is Danzi, Kianna and Kawika.

I know Nathan and Cecily because I took care of them when I lived with Suzanne but like I said previously I never met Kianna or Kavika. I’ve spoken talked with Kianna over the Internet and Kawika I have never talked to.

My brother has talked to Kawika and he says he’s very smart and very talented and just all-around great person.  He lost his leg when he was young. He was given the opportunity to save his leg although it would take many many surgeries to fix it but he was given a choice himself to have it amputated because he believed that he would be for the better.

I love Suzanne very much she’s an awesome sister and my only wish was to see her more often and to communicate with her more I know distance has a way of keeping us apart to be in touch. We have Facebook but face-to-face contact would be better.


2 thoughts on “#3 Siblings Suzanne (continued)

  1. After joining the Army and leaving home my relationship with my siblings became very disconnected. Since my father and all my siblings including myself were all in the military we currently find ourselves scattered across the US. It’s strange how we can call each other and pick up right where we left off the last time we talked. My wife finds this very strange since she grew up in the same town with all her siblings and even works with her mother and sister.

  2. Since I left NM for the Navy I’ve only gone back four times. My brother and I talk every Sunday on my way to work and it’s like old times.

    Most of my wife’s family is here. But we only see her mother on a regular basis.

    It’ll be great seeing everyone next week!!

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