#4 Greg, my brother, my best friend!!

What’s there to say about Greg.

Greg was born premature and he could fit in a shoebox.  My brothers claim to fame for about the first 15 years of his life. 

Anytime somebody would ask him what he did, what he could do, he would always say this, “when I was born I could fit in a shoebox.”

I’m kidding! There was a reason he would say this.

Greg is my younger brother. For most of his life he was very little whether that was due to him being premature or not he was always small but he was one of the toughest, roughest, meanest people I know.  Greg would stand his ground on any issue against any thing and put up a great fight. In that regard Greg was always looking for fight.

It always seemed like he was fighting somebody or wanting to do something aggressive. I always thought he would be a great lawyer

The earliest I remember Greg is when we were in Colorado Springs with the family and he was in his walker and he spilled hot coffee all over his leg and I remember rushing to the hospital in our uncle Mike’s Lincoln Town car(Tank) and Greg is screaming in the backseat with me.

I’m crying because I was carsick and my uncle Gary was holding me. You have to understand when we are rushing to the hospital I would say there was close to 8 to 20 people in this Lincoln Town car that my Uncle Mike always used to drive. Seriously there was at least eight people and we were flying down the backroads trying to get my brother to a hospital.

After that Greg had no ill effects from his burns and he recovered.

Greg was always the protector of me or so it seemed. I was the one that was less confrontational. He was the one that was confrontational. If I needed help with anything he always had my back.

Like most every little brother(s), he always had to go with me everywhere we went. He always wanted to go with me and be by my side and do most everything with me. In hindsight this was awesome! I got to spend a lot of time with my brother and I always had a protector and I always had someone to play with.

In the early years he had a lot of friends and I had a lot of friends and over time I grew to have less friends then he did and then I always wanted to go out with him and now that shoe was on the other foot now he did not want me to go with him. Not all the time but sometimes.

Around high school when we went to Evangel Temple Greg played a lot of sports and he excelled at that. We both excelled in sports and he was a high school quarterback for a while and very good at that. We played basketball together all the time. Greg and I were very athletic and we competed against each other, constantly. We played soccer, football, and basketball and if there was a sport to be played we played that sport, together. When we played tennis he and I were very competitive against each other, and we all know who came out the victor in that. Right??

How many of you had siblings and what did you do for fun?

Were you competitive?  


2 thoughts on “#4 Greg, my brother, my best friend!!

  1. Two brothers and a sister. I’m the oldest. Brother #2 and I literally got stuck in the doorway trying to both get out at the same time. My sister and little brother were much younger so not much competitiveness there. Mostly we all just fought for space living in military housing. Rules were that girls had their own room so three boys in one room got stuffy.

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