#5 Dedication




I want to dedicate this book to my kids I love you all with all my heart none more and none less I love you all equally!!

It’s also devoted to my wife who I love very much and has been with me through thick and thin and I would not have made it without you. You have believed in me from the start and have given me positive outlook it takes to take something like this on.

Also to my parents who love!!  I thank God every day you had me!  Also to my brothers and sisters you were friends, playmates and companions without you all I would cease to live.

To my great-grandparents and grandparents if you wouldn’t have had my parents I would not be here I want to thank you for the way you raised them as children I would not be the person I am today if you would have raised them differently.  I watched you all of the time and modeled my work ethic after you and the way you instilled that in my parents.

My aunts and uncles who are always there for me and who are wonderful! When you would visit me we always had fun. We had great conversation and I love you all.

To my cousins the brothers and sisters of my parents siblings you guys are wonderful I love you too even though we don’t see even though we didn’t see each other very much when we did we had fun.

To all the acquaintances and friends I’ve made throughout the years. All of you have touched me in one way or another life wise. All of you have been great friends to work for.

I have to explain why I’m writing this book. I’ve always wanted to write a book about my life to let others know how I lived it.

This is not a vindictive book or a book to explain how I should’ve lived its just to let my children and anyone else that wants to read it know what it was like from my eyes to live my life.  Now just like every story there’s always two sides to a story you can tell five people same thing in all the all have a different result this book is from my eyes.

I lived a very happy positive life. Sure I had bad days and good days but mostly good.  As you’ll see with my dad.  My dad early on was very disciplined with me and he wasn’t the friendliest.  He was my parent and he treated me that way later on he became my friend and I think you’ll see that.

This book is to account for most of the things that I can remember in my life. Since I was in the Navy for most of your lives you were not with me so what I remember is limited.



3 thoughts on “#5 Dedication

  1. What a great tribute. It’s awesome that you have so many great relationships and memories to go along with them. Looking forward to your next post. Anchors away! (I think?)

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