#6 “The bike”


Now as kids our main transportation was a bike.  I can’t even imagine how many miles we as kids put on our bikes. We rode sometimes from sun up to sundown! I recently took a family vacation back to New Mexico and as we drove around I realized we really did ride everywhere on our bikes.

This little story I’m about to tell is one occasion that I’ll never forget.

It was my brothers birthday. I’m not sure which one but it was one to remember. It was one to remember because we went to a bicycle shop. It was my father, brother and I that went there to pick out a bike. But unlike this bike we walked to the counter and my father started asking my brother questions,

(My dad):“What wheels would you like?” (Me): “What wheels? All the bikes have wheels?

“What rims would you like?” “What rims? All the bikes have rims?”

“What handlebars would you like?” “What handlebars? Oh now come on all the bikes have handlebars!”

“What frame would you like?” “Frame! Frame! All of the bikes have frames!”

“What color would you like?” Color? Color! He’s getting to pick his color?!!

As I listened to this conversation I was confused?

Why was my brother getting to pick out his entire bicycle piece by piece. I was confused because he had a bike and I wasn’t sure what was wrong with his bike. I rode his bike all the time… There wasn’t a thing wrong with that bike! Plus there were bikes to choose from everywhere around us? I’m thinking just pick one from the rack!

It was his birthday but as he started picking out pieces of the bike it became clear that this bike was going to be an expensive bike!

Not only did I get to go pick out the bike and watch him pick out each part of it piece by piece I got to see the final product my father actually took me to pick it up.

It was a beautiful bike. Everything was chrome in color perfectly aligned stickers brand-new wheels brand-new rims perfect petals and it was beautiful!

So on Greg’s birthday we unveil the bike and he had no idea what the final product looked like he had an idea in his mind but we saw that he loved and the first thing I wanted to do was ride that bike but did he ask me if I wanted to ride it, no I probably didn’t get to ride that bike for six months!

Oh I tried my best to ride that bike but he watched it day and night I couldn’t get near it without him knowing it. When I did get near it, it was like a scene from “ Step-brothers” he knew that bike was touched and he knew where every fingerprint was every detail of where the tires were and even if I touched the handlebars!!

Needless to say it took me a while to ride that bike.  But there was hope on the horizon his birthday was in May mine was in February so around Christmas time I started hinting that I needed a bike for my birthday because I knew that if he had a bike I would be able to get a bike.

So I started looking around the neighborhood at other bikes because of course I had to have a new bike. I started looking at mongoose bikes, Huffy bikes and all different types makes models and brands.

I mean it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t get a bike and my brother got a bike. That wouldn’t be fair at all to have such an expensive present and I know it’s the thought that counts but we siblings fair is fair!!

So around January we still haven’t gone to the bike store and at the end of January we didn’t go to the bike store?

It’s the beginning of February, no bike store? Middle of February, no bike store? I know!! Greg and my father went to the bike store earlier to surprise me on my birthday. I wasn’t picky kid anything new would suit me fine!  My birthday comes and goes, no bike….

I’m 49 years old now and it still hurts just a little bit. This happened with a skateboard too. That’s another story…


4 thoughts on “#6 “The bike”

  1. I got passed down my dad’s 10 speed bike that he used in Thailand during the Vietnam War. Not sure if that helps, but it did solidify my identity as Napoleon DynaMike.

  2. Ha! Ha!! That’s great! It was just a shocking purchase to me that I never understood? All of my bikes were used and then this happened? I’m grateful for the bikes I had…but this was different?

  3. Ouch! What Chris said is so true. This piece makes me think about my parenting and all the stories that will one day come up in therapy. We teach our kids that fair ended in the Garden of Eden, but that doesn’t mean they still don’t expect it or notice when they’re getting the short end of the stick. It doesn’t mean we love them less, and I guess that’s what I hope you know deep down.

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