#7 My love for Fire Trucks!


As long as I can remember I’ve loved fire trucks from the time I could run outside my house to my chain-link fence and watch some pass my house I was hooked. We lived on a major street and the firehouse was right around the corner.

As a child I could hear a siren from very far away. I could hear firetrucks leave the fire station and know within minutes if they were turning left to come up our street. Then I would sprint out of our house as fast as I could to watch them pass by. 

As I got a little older I can usually tell anybody what type of firetruck was going to pass by our house. I can remember our family having company and I would hear a fire truck and storm through the living room while everybody was watching and all my parents would say is there’s a fire truck on the way and sure enough within a couple seconds they would hear what was coming and know that I was right.

From that time on my goal was to be a become a firefighter. I just didn’t know how to do it. To this day I’m still mesmerized and love fire trucks. At a young age when we were playing inside the house and if I heard a firetruck I’d run outside to see it.

When we were outside I would turn and look in the direction it was coming from usually tell where they were. Even my friend would comment that someday he’s got to be a firefighter and my dream came true the day I joined the Navy.

My parents would always take me to see a fire truck. The state fair would always come to Albuquerque in September and there is usually a huge display of our trucks there.

When I was young I would always be on the lookout for a TV show with firetrucks in it and they were few and far between until one night one night my mother surprised me! I was getting ready for bed and she called me into the living room, my father was on a hunting trip and so she let me stay up late to watch “Emergency”!  I was hooked I loved that show and even though it was on a little bit later than my bedtime my mother would always let me watch it to this day I often still watch some of the reruns.

I believed it was so realistic and from my little knowledge of firefighting I thought it was. Looking back from what I know now it was somewhat of a more realistic show about firefighting. I would also watch various police shows and some of them even incorporated the show “Emergency” in with it.

But my love was always to become a firefighter. The best though was when a fire truck would pass by my house and if they turned down our street or across the street I would jump on my bike and follow them as fast as I could. And if we were in the car and one passed by us I would often ask my parents if we could follow it. I never knew it was illegal but my parents usually did it anyway.  I love the fact that they inspired me to pursue my dreams to become a firefighter. I’m still amazed that I was able to do that for twenty years in the Navy. I would still love to be a firefighter but due to a back injury in the Navy that’s no longer a dream.


3 thoughts on “#7 My love for Fire Trucks!

  1. I watched Emergency. I’m sure you watched Backdraft and movies like that as well. My sister’s husband was an Air Force firefighter and when he got out, he became one in his hometown where they live now, near Knoxville. There is always something cool about lights and sirens (unless you’re cuffed in the backseat of the vehicle!) Also something about people who risk their lives for others. Thanks for what you did, and what you’re doing now!

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