#9 Part Two, Why I joined the Navy

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I was overjoyed! I’d just found out that Judy was pregnant and was so happy!

She was mad, disgusted and didn’t want the baby. She was wanting to get rid of it. I was shocked and wouldn’t have any part of this.

I told my parents and they decided that we needed to go to El Paso to see her in person. I agreed so we went down that same weekend.

To say she was happy to see me wasn’t the case. Like I said she was angry, VERY angry. I couldn’t blame her but it was both of our faults. We were careless and now we had a decision to make. We could move on with our lives or end a life.

She said she hated me. She said ugly things. I took it all. I was crying she was crying. I was naive to the fact of why…

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